Saturday, April 6, 2013


Today, Friday 5, 2013, my English class had two grammar shmammar groups present their topics. The first group up to bat was teaching the class about the differences between the proper use of “lay” and “lie.” I personally have always had difficulty with this topic; unfortunately their lesson did little to clarify my confusion. The closest I come to understanding is that when the direct object is preforming the action “lay” is used and when the subject is affected, “lie” is used. However, I still have trouble differentiating between the direct objects being affected versus the subject. This renders the definition we were given in class useless, until I am able to understand the differences this lesson will be wasted on me. 

The following lesson was more helpful to me; the quick and concise video clip my classmates presented made distinguishing when to use “who” and “whom” easy to understand and to put to use in the future. In simplest terms: who= he and whom= his.

At the end of class, my classmates and I began plotting out world domination. Megan offered up the best idea of releasing a plague that we had the antidotes for to kill off half of the population; therefore, there would be fewer people to control. I found the plan to be well thought out and more humane than the idea of nuking everyone. Our plotting was interrupted when Professor Sweeney pointed out that some famous guy ( I cannot remember his name or find him on Google) stated that there are only two types of people in the world, decent and indecent. Then he asked if we were plotting to take over the world, didn’t that make us indecent? The truth is that this would, in fact, make us indecent people to gain control of the planet through mass murder. Even if our intentions were to recreate a perfect society, it would be corrupt from the beginning because it came about through the deaths of many innocent people.

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